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Lexus LX Repair

               ​LEXUS LX REPAIR

​Lexus LX is a full size SUV as well as Lexus's most popular SUV since its debut is 1996. Lexus LX has gained its popularity with reliability, comfort and styling. Lexus LX is one of many vehicles Lexus manufactures that are known for reliability and function. Lexus LX owners know when they purchase a Lexus LX they can count on their LX to last many years and miles.

​In order to keep up this reputation of reliability and reputation that Lexus has it is important to keep your vehicle serviced and repaired at its recommended service intervals. Here are some of the Lexus LX repair services that should be completed on your Lexus LX.

30K Lexus LX Repair - jobs done depend on year, engine and drive train

     Replace Engine Oil and Filter
     Replace Cabin Filter​
     Replace Transmission Fluid
     Replace Differential Fluid
     Replace Transfer Case Fluid 

     Replace Spark Plugs
     Rotate Tires​
     Inspect All Fluids
     Inspect All Suspension Components
     Inspect All Brake Components
     Lube Propeller Shaft

60K Lexus LX Repair - Same as 30K Plus these additional items

     Replace Timing Belt
     Replace Fuel Cap Gasket

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